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- FLAT: Simple & minimalist effect of a flat surface. Most recommended
for Minerals collection as it resembles a stone slab.
- DRIPPING: 3 different effects:
1. Brush strokes: Can see vertical lines of brush strokes.
2. Bubbles: Looks as if water was running across surface.
3. Moon Effect: Uneven surface with ripples and layers of epoxy resin.
- MINERALS: Incorporates semiprecious minerals and sand. Can customize
texture by adding any material to the epoxy resin.
Finish, Glossy or Matte
Thermal Resistance, From -122 °F to +176 °F (Composite & Pure Aluminum)

COMPOSITE ALUMINUM,    Thickness: 0.15”/4 mm,    Weight: 0.100 lb/ft²    Max Size: 5' x 10'
MIRRORED COMPOSITE ALUMINUM,    Thickness: 0.15”/4 mm,    Weight: 0.100 lb/ft²    Max Size: 4' x 8'
PURE ALUMINUM,    Thickness: 0.040”/1 mm,    Weight: 0.50 lb/ft²    Max Size: 4' x 10'
BACKLIT ACRYLIC,    Thickness: 2mm - 10mm,    Weight: 2lbs/ft²    Max Size: 6' x 10'

Base & Size,

Mirror Reflex collection Panels offer a stunning alternative to the more traditional options for indoor, outdoor and water applications. Panels are made of composite aluminum, pure aluminum or acrylic sheets.

Composite aluminum is a durable yet flexible material that is also used to cover entire facades of buildings. It is made of two sheets of aluminum sandwiching a solid core of extruded thermoplastic material formed in a continuous process using no glues or adhesives.
Pure Aluminum is a flat and flexible aluminum sheet; perfect for wrapping or radius applications.
Acrylic comes in either clear or opaline sheets.

Materials used are very light and workable; easy to mill, cut, bend, fold and silk-screen print. The process starts by laser printing an  image on a sheet of material which is then hand processed with acrylic colors and metal pigments. Several layers of Epoxy Resin are brushed over the surface. This process makes the panels 100% waterproof and UV resistant. In addition to designs shown, it is possible to create custom artwork. Pictures shown are representations only. Expect variation.