Believe it or not, mosaics can be used for more than just your average mural. And when it comes to interior design, you can even use them for more than your basic and boring bathroom tiles.


Here are some creative ways that you can use mosaic tiling to freshen up your interior design.


Floors and Walls


To avoid the potential tackiness of filling up your entire wall or wall with mosaic tiling, consider more creative methods. For example, you can arrange the mosaic tiling to create unique patterns— like a starry night on your walls or ceiling.  When it comes to mosaics, less can be more.


Accent the Room


Sometimes the best thing you can do to make a room pop is to accentuate a few areas and objects. For example, you can embellish your fireplace with the multidimensional, irregular tiles mosaics offer to create an artsy feel. Or, you can feature a mosaic art piece in the middle of one of your living room walls.


Splash the Kitchen Backsplash with a Mosaic Design


The kitchen has moved far beyond being just a place where we cook and/or serve our meals. It’s a place where we can casually socialize with our friends over a few cocktails or glasses of wine.


Brighten the atmosphere with a modern flair and consider playing with different mosaic colors and patterns to make your kitchen the place to be.