Your outdoor space is just as important to keep refreshed as your inside space. The driveway is a part of the first impression of your home. The patio is often home to exciting life moments. The last thing you want to worry about is either space showing signs of wear and tear. 


So which tile or stone should you use for your outdoor spaces that are both functional yet pleasing to the eye?




Cobblestone pavers are notorious for being extremely durable. They withstand great weights in extended periods of time without ever showing damaging signs of cracking. These pavers are best for homeowners who have large vehicles. Cobblestone is also incredibly stain-resistant when sealed properly. Both patios and driveways will see their fair share of spills, so choosing a stone that will have an easy clean-up is key!



Sandstone adds an element of warmth to your outdoor spaces. Its unique shape instantly draws the eye. This stone has immense strength, able to withstand large load-bearing tasks. Sandstone serves two purposes when used around pool areas. It glistens when wet, but it also has grip and texture, providing an anti-slip property to the paving. Safe and beautiful! However, most commonly used, sandstone works well as stepping stone blocks. These spaced-out pavers are great to use in your garden and grassy spaces where a path is desired.



Limestone is an ideal choice for both driveways and patios. It is a flat, smooth stone that has a more contemporary look as opposed to its competitors. The stone is sleek but still dense and durable. Limestone dries quickly after rainstorms and has minimal absorbing properties. This stone is perfect for courtyards and patios as it does not overheat in the summer months, keeping your toes from burning while enjoying the sunny days.