We serve the architecture and design community as an inspirational resource for diverse projects in residential, commercial, and hospitality.

We offer exclusive, ever-evolving stocked collections and specialty items; with custom sizes, colors, and finishes— all at a very competitive price point.

Through our direct relationship with skilled artisans, quarries, and factories all over the world; we continually develop distinctive collections specifically for our discerning clientele.

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Delivering Innovation

Rock Mill products range from a traditional, classical style— with historical, reclaimed, and authentic reproductions— to a contemporary style— with a clean and modern aesthetic reflected in the current marketplace.

Residential collections and commercially viable lines are both well-represented.


Our Stone & Tile Design Showrooms

What fills the eye, fills the heart. ~Irish proverb

Rock Mill operates four design showrooms in California, as an inspirational resource for both retail and trade clientele.

Virtual showroom tours or after-hours private consultations (in showroom or on jobsite) are available by appointment.


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Early Applications of Marble Throughout History

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