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Architectural Long Brick Terracotta are handmade tiles with natural clay. Available in three different textures, Smooth, rustic & The Hamptons. The color can be enhanced with 18 different stain colors (see colors below). Colors marked with (*) are for indoor use only. Due to extreme color variation please request a sample before placing an order.

Pictures shown are representations ONLY. Sizes are approximate & may vary slightly with each order. Call for current stock. Stock LA Warehouse.

Custom colors, sizes & designs available; subject to an additional charge, minimum qty, and lead time. The amount of stain used can be adjusted to allow for lighter or darker saturation.

Usage: Commercial & Residential; Interior & Exterior applications (floors & Walls), except for water and freeze/thaw conditions.


Stock colors: The amount of stain used can be adjusted to allow for lighter or darker saturation.
Custom colors are also available. Colors marked with (*) are for indoor use only.

TileStraight EdgeMinimum Width 2" for up to 12" LengthMade to order
TileLonger Size:Minimum Width 2-1/2" for 12" to 24" LengthMade to order
TileRound Edge TumbledMinimum Width 2" for up to 11" LengthMade to order
BullnoseAvailable on any size & sideMade to order
Custom in any height to match bricks 11” in length (long side) and 4” in length (short side)
  • Exterior Cladding: Yes
  • Exterior Pavers: Yes
  • Interior Walls: Yes
  • Interior Floors: Yes
  • Kitchen Countertops:
  • Other Countertops: 
  • Wet Areas: 
  • Traffic: Commercial & Residential


1. Upon receipt of your order, please inspect all tiles carefully.
2. Rock Mill will not be responsible for product issues once tiles have been installed.
3. Report any issues to Rock Mill within 30 days.
4. Exercise care when handling tiles during installation, to avoid chipping or scratching.
5. Keep tiles dry and store boxes in a dry area, away from dampness, to avoid damage.

1. Consult a licensed contractor for complete, proper installation and guidance.
2. Terracotta is made from natural clay. Expect variation in color, size, thickness & texture.
3. Mix tiles from different boxes throughout the installation process and lay them out before setting them to determine the best look. Wipe any residue off of tiles before installation.
4. Install surface should be clean, solid, level, and without cracks. Walls should be plumb. Installation should not be started until substrate meets these conditions.
5. For interior installations, use a waterproof membrane, such as Schluter-Ditra, which offers uncoupling (anti-fracture). For waterproofing, vapor management, and reduction of efflorescence, use Schluter-Kerdi. Follow manufacturer’s instructions.
6. For radiant heat, Schluter Ditra-Heat membrane offers heat, uncoupling (anti-fracture), water-proofing, and vapor management. Follow manufacturer’s instructions.
7. Rock Mill never recommends using terracotta tiles in shower pans, submerged applications, or steam showers.

1. Always use a licensed installer to ensure a quality installation.
2. For adhesive to set the tiles, use a high-quality, unmodified thin-set adhesive, such as a Laticrete. Follow manufacturer's instructions.
3. For optimal adhesion and to avoid moisture absorption through the tile, it is essential that each tile be back-buttered and fully bedded for firm support.
4. Place tiles into wet mortar & adjust tile positioning as necessary for a level installation.
5. Wipe any excess thin-set off of tiles immediately.
6. Allow tiles and substrate at least 24 hours to dry completely, without covering the area.

1. Use a grout bag to apply premium grout in between tiles. Avoid getting grout on surface.
2. DO NOT allow grout to dry on tile surface. Remove excess grout immediately with water and a sponge. Repeat the process until the surface is clean. Dry with a soft, clean cloth.

1. Use a high-quality sealer, such as Rock Shield Sealer, which is a no-VOC, penetrating sealer that will protect terracotta, cement, natural stone, grout, etc. from damage caused by water, salts, and oil-based stains.
2. If tiles are used in areas that may get wet, each tile should be “dip-sealed” before setting.
3. Treated surfaces are easier to clean and maintain longer.

1. Protect the entire floor with thick paper or cardboard until any construction is finished.
2. Do not use any type of tape on the tile, as it will lift the stain and leave marks.

Surface may gradually lose patina over time, depending on traffic and usage.
1. Clean the floor surface with a vacuum cleaner to pick up loose dirt. Use a clean mop or cloth with a PH-neutral, natural soap cleaner, and water. Natural soap has cleaning and sealing properties, as the soap residue will fill open pores and add to the patina look.
2. Do not use harsh cleaners such as bleach or detergent; this will not remove the sealer but will change the compound of the product.
3. When completely clean & dry, re-apply stain and/or Rock Shield Sealer as needed for higher traffic areas.
4. Terracotta is naturally porous. A moisture barrier and a high-quality, penetrating sealer are recommended for resistance to staining and moisture absorption. Consult a licensed installer and follow recommended installation instructions.

Please inspect ALL material upon receipt. Claims will not be honored after installation. Rock Mill considers the actions of the installer/contractor/3rd party that customer authorizes to pick up the material to be the responsibility of the customer.

Rock Mill will not honor claims made by the customer, due to unauthorized or improper installation by customer’s installer/contractor. Please ensure that a sufficient quantity of stone is initially ordered to complete the job.

Add-on orders purchased later may vary slightly as new batches may come from different parts of the quarry and will not be guaranteed to match the original order.

All items that are stocked are located at the Rock Mill Gardena, California warehouse.

For more information, please contact your Rock Mill rep. Thank you!


Straight Edge: Minimum width 2” for up to 12” length.
Longer size: Minimum width 2-1/2" for 12" to 24” length.
Round Edge Tumbled: Minimum width 2” for up to 11” length.

Images below are examples of some options available. Colors marked with (*) are for indoor use only.