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Viona Wood Porcelain is fine Italian porcelain tile that emulates European oak. Durable and versatile. It can be used for contemporary or traditional motifs. Sizes can be used independently or combined.

Pictures shown are representations ONLY. Sizes are approximate & may vary slightly with each order. Call for current stock. Stock LA Warehouse.

Usage: Commercial & Residential; Interior & Exterior vertical, horizontal, and water applications, including pools, decks, and water features.

Sold in FULL BOX quantity ONLY.

TileAlto6" x 48"10 mmNaturalStock
TileAlto8" x 48"10 mmNaturalStock
TileTenor6" x 48"10 mmNaturalStock
TileTenor8" x 48"10 mmNaturalStock
TileBaritone6" x 48"10 mmNaturalCustom
TileBaritone8" x 48"10 mmNaturalCustom
  • Exterior Cladding: Yes
  • Exterior Pavers: Yes
  • Interior Walls: Yes
  • Interior Floors: Yes
  • Kitchen Countertops:
  • Other Countertops:
  • Wet Areas:
  • Traffic: Commercial & Residential

Please inspect ALL material upon receipt. Claims will not be honored after installation. Rock Mill considers the actions of the installer/contractor/3rd party that customer authorizes to pick up the material to be the responsibility of the customer.

Rock Mill will not honor claims made by the customer, due to unauthorized or improper installation by customer’s installer/contractor. Please ensure that a sufficient quantity of stone is initially ordered to complete the job.

Add-on orders purchased later may vary slightly as new batches may come from different parts of the quarry and will not be guaranteed to match the original order.

All items that are stocked are located at the Rock Mill Gardena, California warehouse.

For more information, please contact your Rock Mill rep. Thank you!