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Alex Turco Decorative Art Panels offer a stunning alternative to more traditional options; indoor, outdoor, and water applications. The Art panels are made of composite aluminum or acrylic sheets.

Composite aluminum is durable and flexible; used to cover the entire facades of buildings. It is made of two sheets of aluminum sandwiching a solid core of extruded thermoplastic material formed in a continuous process using no glues or adhesives.

Pure Aluminum is a flat and flexible aluminum sheet, perfect for wrapping or radius applications.

Backlit Acrylic is available in clear or opaline sheets suitable for artificial backlighting (traditional or LED).

The panels are light and workable; easy to mill, cut, bend, fold, and silk-screen print. A digital image is printed on the sheet’s surface. It is hand-processed with acrylic colors, metal pigments and brushed with multiple coats of Epoxy Resin. It makes the panels 100% waterproof and UV resistant. There are several themes to choose from; custom artwork can also be produced.

Pictures shown are representations only; expect variation.

- FLAT: Simple & minimalist effect of a flat surface. Most recommended for Minerals collection as it resembles a stone slab.
- DRIPPING: 3 different effects:
1. Brush strokes: Can see vertical lines of brush strokes.
2. Bubbles: Looks as if water was running across surface.
3. Moon Effect: Uneven surface with ripples and layers of epoxy resin.
- MINERALS: Incorporates semiprecious minerals and sand. Can customize texture by adding any material to the epoxy resin.

Finish, Glossy or Matte

Thermal Resistance, From -122 °F to +176 °F

Composite Aluminum0.15"/4 mm0.95 lb/ft²6.5' x 10'Custom
Mirrored Composite Aluminum0.15"/4 mm0.95 lb/ft²6.5' x 10'Custom
Pure Aluminum0.04"/1 mm0.56 lb/ft²4' x 8'Custom
Backlit Acrylic0.08"/2 mm to 0.40"/10 mm0.56 lb/ft²6.5' x 10'Custom


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